What to ask Wedding DJ or Live Band

Think of every great party you have ever been to. What is the one thing that links them all together? Amazing music. The music can make or break any party. Picking the right entertainment for your wedding is a big decision. Today’s I will cover everything related to picking out the perfect DJ or Band for your wedding!

What does a Wedding DJ or Band do?

Your wedding DJ or Live Band is the entertainment coordinator for your wedding. They will keep spirits high and the party going.

Wedding DJ vs Band

If you are going for the ultimate experience, nothing beats a live band. Their presence is part of the show. A live band will typically cost more than a DJ as there are more members performing. A wedding DJ will have a selection of music that it unmatched.

Why Hire a Wedding DJ or Band?

Hiring the right DJ or Live Band for your wedding is important. Quality entertainment keeps their egos checked at the door, play as a team, and know they only have one shot to make your wedding perfect.

When to book a Wedding DJ?

Quality wedding DJs or Live bands around Indianapolis will book 8-9 months in advance.

Now that you know the basics of wedding entertainment you should schedule time to meet with some potential candidates to hear who they are and give you the opportunity to ask questions.

PS Download this list of questions to ask wedding dj or band, at the bottom of the page to bring with you to your meetings!

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1: How long have you been in the wedding business?

This is a great opener and will give you a sense of who they are and why they love being wedding entertainment

2: Do you have my date open?

From the time that you inquire about your wedding day and the time you meet they may have booked your wedding date so just confirm.

3: What is your specialty?

Some live bands specialize in classic rock while others, disco. Some DJs specialize is creating their own mixes while others keep a playlist. If you are going for a specific theme or feel to your wedding, be sure to pick entertainment that will suit that.

4: How extensive is your song list? Can we make requests for songs?

With access to YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and other sources a Wedding Dj should have no issue dealing with requests. For live bands it is much tougher as you could imagine. But they should have a list of songs they can play that are open to requests. If there is a specific song you would like played at your wedding, be sure to ask if they can accommodate with enough time to prepare.

5: Do you provide any extras, like lighting?

A wedding DJ or band should have some sort of lighting kit. Some have a few party lights that sit on top of their speakers while others have an extensive kit with colored up lighting that can light up the largest of reception venues. Even though the reception will be dark, the more lighting the better the mood. Since they will also be in charge of keeping the flow of events moving, some will help with the planning of the reception.

Felix & Fingers Dueling Pianos

Felix & Fingers Dueling Pianos

6: How much space or stage do you require?

Unless you have a very small venue a DJ should have no problem fitting anywhere. A live band will take up more room as there are more people performing. Ask to ensure your venue will fit their needs.

7: How much time is needed for set up, sound check, and breakdown?

Both a DJ and a live band will have a lot of equipment that will take some time to set up. If you have time restrictions from your venue find out how much time they need so you can plan ahead.

8: Are there any additional charges?

From Travel, to set up and take down, and overtime if the party just won’t stop, make sure you are clear on any additional charges so you are not surprised later on.

9: How often do you take breaks? What happens when you do?

A live band will typically break for 15 mins every hour while others rotate band members to play continuously (this may be an additional fee) A DJ might do the same but they can walk away for a moment while the music is playing. If looking into a band, be sure to ask what happens while they take a break and if some other music will be playing.

10: Do you have liability insurance?

Many venues around Indianapolis require wedding venues to have liability insurance in case of accidental damage. If they do have insurance and an accident happens you will not be on the hook for damages.

Ask to see a sample contract

Reading over contracts is not fun but with how important your wedding day is a contract is essential to protect yourself. Also make sure the contract lists what happens if the wedding is canceled in the event of a natural disaster or death in the family.

Click Here to Download this List of What To Ask Wedding DJ / Band to take with you to your next meeting!

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