I Hope Your Ready For Greatness!

Hi I’m Raymond! My wife and I meet on Craigslist, Gifs are my love language, and I’m on a never ending quest to find the worlds best nachos.

My wonder woman wife, Stormi and I. Photographed by the wonderful  Sweet Caroline Photography

My wonder woman wife, Stormi and I. Photographed by the wonderful Sweet Caroline Photography

I value experience above everything else. I strive to think outside of the box to make your engagement session or wedding an experience. Want to go zip lining, an indoor trampoline park, Lucas oil stadium, get covered in paint, sneak into the back of a brewery where they make all the delicious beer for your engagement session? LET’S DO IT! The stories and life experience I gain from meeting awesome new couples just like you is my lifeblood. I love the feel of the camera in my hands when shooting weddings and engagements knowing I’m creating photos and an experience that you will remember forever.

I listen to Kesha more than I should probably admit. She helps me edit faster ensuring I make my 30 Day Delivery Guarantee! I know the excitement and anticipation you feel to see your wedding photos! And when my couples take time to stop and tell me how much they love their photos, a sense of pride and accomplishment comes rushing over me like when you burnt your first mix cd.

I love the freedom my camera has provided me. Although it’s not a magical far away continent I love taking day-cations to Cincinnati or Chicago with my crazy hot wife who I meet on Craigslist (no joke) or taking the afternoon off to go play at the park with our 6 year old son and 3 year old daughter. OH also if given the choice  between instant death and never having nachos again, I just might go for death. How about you?

-Bucket List Weddings-

I'd kill to shoot a wedding featuring anything below!

  • Food Truck for Catering (::Crosses fingers for taco truck::)

  • Wedding on a Cruise Ship

  • Wedding at a Baseball Stadium

  • Aquarium Wedding (Wedding + Sharks = Best day ever)

  • Downtown Indianapolis Rooftop Wedding

  • Wedding on a Beach

  • Animals in the Wedding (Penguins at the zoo wedding??)

  • Museum Ceremony or Reception (+1 if there are dinosaurs)

  • Brewery Reception (The homebrewer in me is freaking out just thinking about it!)




Wedding photography is extremely personalized. I'll never shoot another wedding like yours and I would never try to. Here are some of the questions I get asked most.

What is your Speciality? 

I specialize in wedding and engagement photography for Indiana couples who want unique wedding images that are Fun, Timeless, and Relaxed.

How Did You Get Started? 

I grew up and went to school for Cinematography in California in 2007 and found that Photography was truly my passion. Lucky for me all of the technical skills I learned in school gave me a huge leg up over the other photographers in the area. I dove in head first before meeting my now wife and in 2011 we moved out to Indiana and have been shooting weddings here ever since! 

Are You The Photographer Who Will Shoot My Wedding? What Happens If You're Hurt or Sick?

You will potentially be spending just as much time (if not more) with me than you will be with your spouse on your wedding day. This is why during the pre consultation process, I do everything in my power to get to know you both so we can ensure our styles and personalities match well. I also go over all of my policies, including what happens in the unfortunate event that something were to happen to me before your wedding and how things are handled to make sure you don't have to worry about a thing on your wedding day! Rest assured that I am very well connected in the community and have plenty of other wedding photographers in Indianapolis willing to help out, just incase! 

What Is Your Photography Style? 

I'm kind of an odd duck (and I hope you are too). The first thing couples usually tell me is that they are nervous to be in front of the camera. We all are! Thats why I focus on the real stuff! I want to show who you are and how you feel together right now. I use prompts and movements to get genuine smiles and laughter that my couples love so much they often forget about the camera and say it feels like they just spent time hanging out with a friend. No one wants to be posed! At your wedding one of the first things I will tell you and your bridesmaids when I show up is to never feel like you are in my way. I can always move. A lot of time I will just quietly camp out in one spot focused on someone waiting for the perfect moment or reaction to take the photo.  I truly think its the moments between the moments that create the most powerful and lasting photos. 

What If It Rains The Day Of Our Wedding/Engagement?

With the completely unpredictable Indiana weather this is a totally valid question. There is no need to worry about rain on your wedding day. I have a full lighting kit and enjoy creating unique images indoors. If there is rain scheduled 24 hours before your engagement shoot we will simply reschedule. Unless you want rainy engagement photos. In which case, I'll grab my rain coat, let's get wet!

Do You Have Backup Equipment?

Oh yes, of course. The thought of a gear failure is enough to make me want to sob for hours so I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars in backup equipment to ensure your wedding day is captured without a hitch!

Do You Have Liability Insurance?

You bet. Quite a few venues venues require proof of liability insurance to be allowed to photograph there. It would be a red flag if a photographer did not have Liability Insurance.

Can You Photoshop Me To Look Perfect In Every Photo? 

You're beautiful. Your partner thinks you’re beautiful. They love you for you not what you could look like after an hour of retouching and airbrushing you in each and every photo. The truth my style of photography is so candid and natural it wouldn't make any sense to photoshop you into a different person in every photo. Now if you simply have any temporary imperfections or blemishes I'll take care of those no problem. Remember, You're beautiful!

What Makes You Different Than Other Wedding Photographers?

Several things. From my on set Hollywood training to my regular video series designed to educate you to create the wedding of your dreams, the biggest thing that sets me apart is my 30 Day Delivery Guarantee. I know the anticipation of waiting for your wedding photos. You worked hard to put together your wedding and you want to see how beautiful it turned out. I don’t take that lightly. Thats why I guarantee that you will have your wedding photos delivered within 30 days of your wedding. In fact, it’s written in the contract.

Why Do You Shoot Weddings?

Weddings are one of the happiest days in someone's life already but photography enhances it further. I love looking at photos from my childhood. There is something about looking at a photo of yourself from years ago and instantly being transported into that same frame of mind you had back then. It's like a time machine. Suddenly you remember what was going on when the photo was taken as if you can see through those eyes again. I'm providing you an investment. After the wedding you will love the photos and share them with friends and family sure but unlike a lot of photographers, I shoot weddings for the long haul knowing that 10 years from now when you're moving and packing up your house, you will stumble upon your wedding album. Slowly looking the photos, the time machine starts up. You're right back to your wedding day. You remember what it smelt like. You remember what you were thinking at that moment. You remember what your Dad said to you as you were walking down the aisle. You remember how great your wedding cake was. You are literally reliving your wedding day through a photograph. That is why I'm so passionate about your wedding photography.

Ready To Chat? Get In Touch!

Email me now! I would love to meet you two over a delicious pale ale and talk about what kind of cake you two are having at your wedding! 

  • Thank you so much again for everything! We absolutely love all the photos! We could not thank you enough for being apart of our special day. We are so grateful to have such wonderful people in out lives and we couldn’t have had a better photographer!
    — Nick & Christina
  • Raymond is a wonderful photographer. Our wedding and engagement pictures turned out beautifully. Raymond is extremely friendly, easy to work with, and receptive to all your ideas. He managed to capture such beautiful moments, without us even knowing he was there, which I believe is a skill other wedding photographers don't always have. Raymond made everything simple from start to finish and provided a lot of help and guidance during the planning process.
    — Paul & Amanda
  • Raymond is amazing!!!! He is so down to earth, extremely friendly! He makes you feel comfortable!! From the moment you meet him, it's like meeting a friend you've known for years!! His photography is beautiful!!!! He just steps up to the plate, says yes, & gets just as excited as I am about my crazy idea!!!! We couldn't have picked a better photographer & friend for our wedding !!
    — Tyler & Ashley
  • Raymond is one of the most personable people I have met. Thank you so much Raymond for capturing my wedding day and allowing me to look back on the day with so many memories!
    — Kyle & Katie
  • I knew from the first time he met with my husband and I that we would get along really well! Raymond truly captured the event in a way that will make those memories come to life every time I look at our pictured! I am definitely recommending Raymond to anyone I know who is getting married soon!
    — Amos & Jessica
  • I AM ONE HAPPY GIRL!!! Our Wedding pictures are GORGEOUS!! You’re very talented! Loved having you as our photographer Raymond!
    — Kyle & Chrissy
  • Hey Raymond, We absolutely loved the wedding photos!!! I laughed and cried! It was everything I had hoped for and more!
    — Ethan & Dianne
  • Ray captured all of the moments we had wished plus tons more! Very professional and will certainly make your day that much more special! Would fully recommend Ray to anyone wanting quality wedding photos!
    — Kyle & Michelle
  • Raymond had creative ideas and an innovative look for our wedding photos. I was extremely thankful for all of his effort and enthusiasm about our day! We were (and still are) very happy about the quality of our photos and the friendly face that took them!
    — Ryan & Rissi