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The wedding cake is a staple and an icon of any wedding. It is not only a way to serve something sweet to your guests but is also the perfect opportunity to add additional personality to your wedding day. It is also crazy delicious and the whole reason I became a wedding photographer. Even though there are many wedding cake alternatives, weddings and cake go together like movies and popcorn. But if you have never ordered a wedding cake before there may be some questions you need answered before picking the right cake for you. To start here are the basics you need to know about wedding cake.

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What is wedding cake?

Wedding cake is a rich ornate typically iced cake with 2 or more tiers that is served at a wedding.

Wedding cake vs birthday cake?

To get technical wedding cake is a “High Ratio” cake. Meaning the ratio of fat to flower is higher yielding a much more moist and tastier cake.

When to do wedding cake cutting?

The cake cutting is typically right after the meal and toasts. After the cake has been cut there are first dances which gives the caterers time to cut the cake for the guests before serving them.

How much wedding cake do you need?

Cake bakers know how many servings each cake will make. They will ask you how many servings do you want per guest. On average only 77% of guest actually eat cake. So ordering cake for 85% of your guests will ensure you have enough!

Can wedding cake be frozen? How long will wedding cake last in fridge/freezer? How to defrost wedding cake?

Wedding cake can absolutely be frozen. Many couples freeze the top tier to save and eat on their first wedding anniversary. Simply wrap the cake in cling wrap and two layers of tin foil to prevent any freezer burn. The cake will last up to a year in this condition. Any longer and the quality of the cake will start to break down. To thaw the cake simply take it out of the freezer and place it in the fridge for 2-3 days. Keep the cake in the cake in the cling wrap and tinfoil to avoid the cake absorbing any smells like garlic or cheese in the fridge.

Can wedding cake be sit out overnight

As long as the cake is refrigerated until the day of the wedding (if you are ordering a cake and having it delivered, it will be) your wedding cake will keep for up to 48 hours out of the refrigerator. If there are left overs, (and there always are) enjoy! Chances are you only got the one bite at your wedding.

Now that you have a great idea as to what wedding cake it is time to meet with some local cake bakers around Indianapolis to pick out and design a cake. Here is a list what to ask cake bakers.

PS Download this list below to print out and take to your next meeting!

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1: How long have you been in the wedding cake business?

This lets them talk a little about how they got started and will let you hear this passion for making wedding cakes that fit their clients personalities.

2: What is your specialty/ what are you known for?

They might be the source for large wedding cakes, or fresh fruit fillings, or even intricate design. Ask them so make sure it fits what you’re looking for in your wedding cake.

3: Can you design a custom cake to match our weddings theme? Can we give you a photo of a cake to recreate?

Custom Wedding cakes are a huge crowd pleaser. Especially wedding cakes with flowers. On top of adding tons of flare to your reception it lets you inject your personality to the party making your wedding even more special.

4: How do you price your cakes? By the slice?

The way a cake is priced varies from baker to baker. It could be a flat fee or a per person fee. You typically don't know the exact number of guests until a few weeks before the wedding which can alter the size of the cake you need. Ask to be clear on what to expect.

5: Can you accommodate dietary restriction for some guests?

There is a good chance you will have wedding guests with dietary restrictions. Don’t leave them out. Many cake bakers will offer gluten free options and some offer vegan options as well.

6: What recommendations can you give to maximize my budget?

The cake baker is the expert. They know that icing is much cheaper than fondant, or if you want a specialty designed intricate cake it may make sense to order a smaller one and serve a much cheaper sheet cake to the rest of your guests. These are things you’re not expected to know so don’t be afraid to ask!

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7: When do we need to order our wedding cake?

Typically the order for your wedding cake should be in 6-8 months before your wedding. Larger cakes may need more time but it depends on several factors so ask for clarification.

8: Will there be any additional charges?

From a delivery fee to set up fee there may be several additional charges. They may even decorate the cake table.

Ask to see a Contract.

What would happen if the cake gets damaged in transit to wedding? These are things that should be listed in the contract. Also make sure you know what will happen in the event of a cancelation. From Natural disaster to a death in the family there is more than one reason why a wedding would get postponed. Make sure the contract covers it!

Click Here to download this list of what to ask your wedding cake baker to bring with you to your meeting!

Now, Wedding Cake Inspiration and Ideas

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