The Importance of an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

Ever since the iPhone came along humans have continued to take more and more photos than ever before. Staring at life through a screen has become a part of everyday life. This has also became true during a wedding ceremony. Guests will stand up and get in the middle of the aisle to take a photo of the bride walking down, blocking the groom from seeing his bride for the first time.

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To prevent this an increasing number of couples are opting for an unplugged ceremony. Today we will talk about what that means and if it is the right decision for your wedding.

What is an unplugged wedding ceremony?

If a couple has decided to have an unplugged wedding it means they will ask guests to refrain from taking photos or video or uploading to social media during the ceremony. Including the first kiss and the recessional. Some couples will take it a step further and ask guests for a total social media blackout during the entire wedding.

Why unplugged wedding ceremony is important?

Couples may choose to have an unplugged wedding for a number of reasons. The first being when we are glued to our phones are not truly present. When couples have an unplugged wedding, their guests will be more attentive and immerse themselves more in the ceremony. When guests are taking photos with their phones they are more likely to stand up or get in the middle of the aisle during your first kiss, blocking the shot for the professional photographer you have paid to capture that moment. About 85% of the weddings I shoot are unplugged for the ceremony. For the remaining 15% it is a noticeable difference in how guests interact with each other.

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How to announce unplugged wedding?

Preparing your guests and letting them know the ceremony will be unplugged and why it is important for you is key. Traditionally a sign is made asking guest to turn off their phones for the length of the ceremony and placed at the entrance for all guest to see. You can also ask your officiant to make a quick announcement at the beginning of the ceremony as well.

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How to word unplugged wedding

There are many ways to word that you are having an unplugged wedding ceremony. Something as simple as

Welcome to our Unplugged Wedding Ceremony.

Please turn off your cell phone or camera and refrain from taking photos during our ceremony to fully enjoy this moment with us. Don’t worry about missing a moment, we hired a professional photographer who will share the photos they take with you.

Or if you want to know how to word that you are having an unplugged ceremony for the officiant to announce

As a reminder, the couple has asked all guests to turn off their cellphones and refrain from taking photos so you can be more present and enjoy this moment that they want to share with you

How to make unplugged wedding sign

There are many options and designs to display that you are having an unplugged wedding. From printing one off of the internet, printing it out and placing it in a frame to hiring a calligrapher to design one for you on a large chalkboard.

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Should I have an unplugged wedding?

In my experience as a wedding photographer here in Indianapolis having an unplugged wedding ceremony greatly reduces the chance of a guest standing up and blocking the perfect shot. But more, as a wedding photographer I can see first hand that when a guest looks at you exchanging your vows joining your lives together the joy in their eyes and face is so much more than when they are viewing it through the screen of their cell phone.

But ultimately ask yourself why have you invited your closest friends and loved ones? Was it so they can snap a pixelated version of you standing together from 10 rows back? Or did you invite them because you wanted to share the joy and experience of your special day with those you love most? You are hiring a professional with an experienced artistic eye to capture your wedding day. Let your guests relax and enjoy themselves.

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