Rissi And Ryan

Being a wedding photographer offers me so many unique opportunities that most other people do not get. I get to spend an entire day centered around two people on the happiest day of their lives. Sure, this sounds like being a wedding guest, but it’s completely different. At the beginning of the day, I am always surrounded by people I barely know, and at the end I find myself thankful that I have had this chance to meet so many new and interesting people. Every wedding is different. Every wedding has a different feel. Some are stressful, some laid back, and others are absolutely crazy.


I am pretty lucky, because I know that once the wedding is over, I don’t stop living it. I get to spend the next two weeks editing and perfecting the images I shot and after I’m done; I give them to the bride and groom so they can spend their lives remembering. I have found that editing a photo takes me back to the mindset I was in when I took it. Anyone who has ever been married or attended a wedding can tell you that even the most organized weddings can be stressful. As a photographer, I really try to live in the moment and capture things the way they happened. Even when the flowers don’t show up, the cake is the wrong color, and Uncle Jim trips and breaks his hip and has to be rushed to the ER- it is my job to seize those moments because one day- I know that the bride and groom will look back and laugh. Because it is those moments, just like my photos, that tell a story.

This was one of the most unique weddings I have been to. Not because they tried too hard to stand out, but because of the comfort level- and not just experienced from my point of view. Every single guest at this wedding was so comfortable and in sync with each other. This wedding seemed more like the bride and groom invited one hundred of their closest friends and family to get together for a celebration where they stopped in the middle to confess their love. The joy in that room when these two said “I do” was almost tangible. Their vows were heartfelt, the experience was meaningful, and my camera was able to capture every bit of it.


I feel incredibly grateful to have been welcomed by this beautiful couple to share their special day. I am so truly happy for Ryan, Rissi, and Carter. With the amount of love these two share, there will be nothing but happiness in your future.

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