Katie and Kyle's Engagement photos, and a flat tire.

Last week was a busy week here at RHatfield Photography. A lot of new and exciting things are in the pipeline for you all! 

Katie first contacted me about a year ago to be their wedding photographer and I knew from the beginning she was going to make my life a breeze. She's one of those brides who feeds off the creative world around her and adds her flare to make it her own. Constantly sending me Pintrest Pins, with notes on how it can be tweaked for her wedding. She has been doing my job for me!

We had decided that the Lighthouse Restaurant in Cedar Lake would be a great spot for their engagement photos. A beautiful view with a perfect pier to just sit and watch the passing boats. I'm two and a half hours from Cedar Lake so I left early in the morning to avoid traffic and to scout out the location before Katie and Kyle showed up. 


I pull off the interstate and my GPS tells me 10 minutes until I get to the lake. 2 miles from the restaurant I hear a horrible flapping sound. I think I must have ran over a plastic bag or something when it gets violently worse and I knew immediately something was wrong, and I pull into the closest drive way. You got to be kidding me. I just drove two and a half hours and I get a flat 2 minutes from the restaurant?

Ok no problem, Ill just pull out my spare tire and get it fixed after we're done with the engagement photos, right? I check the truck and no spare. Its sitting quietly in my garage two and a half hours away. I call AAA and they say they can have a tow truck out in 3 hours. So I do what I had to do and call Katie and Kyle and fill them in on the tire situation. These two saints decided to come and save me so I didnt have to sit in my car for 3 hours waiting on AAA. 


After they picked me up we headed to the restaurant and I was as embarrassed as ever but in the end their engagement photos went amazingly well! They were so much fun together and had been together since 5th grade! Corey and Topanga style! I'm glad it was such a successful disaster! It surely would not have been if Katie and Kyle weren't such an understanding and easy going couple! The second I got home my spare tire went right into the car! I might not be so lucky next time! 

I cant wait for their wedding, It's going to be a blast!


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