6 Things You Need To Do Right After You Get Engaged

You just said yes! Your life is about to change forever and the next 12-18 months are going to get crazy! There is so much to do, where do you start? Well here are the 6 things you need to do right after getting engaged!

1: Let Those Closest To You Know

This is big news and a major event in your life! Be the one who tells the people you love. Don’t let them find out when you update your Facebook status. You don’t have to tell everyone you know but letting your closest family and friends who will be in your bridal party know will go along way with them.

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2: Get a Manicure

Everyone is going to be looking at that new ring on your hand for the next few weeks. Getting a manicure will ensure you are looking your best and will give you some time to relax and soak it all in!

3: Get Your Ring Sized

As a guy I can tell you I didn’t even know rings had sizes. I’m sure your love picked out a ring they thought long and hard about even if it wasn’t the right size. It’s hard to discreetly ask what your ring size is without giving away our plans. So now get it sized correctly so that you don’t lose it in the shower, washing your hands, doing some gardening, driving a car, walking around, or sleeping. Also, while you’re at it, get it insured through your insurance company. It is only a few dollars per year and will give you piece of mind.

4: Think About a Date

In my experience I’d say the average engagement is 12-18 months, so look at that time frame and pick a date that’s right for you. In the beginning you don’t have to pick THE date but come up with a season at least until you circle a date on the calendar. It will be the foundation for the wedding and knowing it is pretty much a prerequisite before booking any wedding vendor. If you are wondering How To Pick A Wedding Date around the unpredictable Indiana weather read my blog post!

5: Take Some Time To Enjoy Being Engaged

Don’t rush into wedding planning right away. Take time to reflect on what makes your relationship unique and how your perfect wedding day would go before jumping in and booking the first vendors you find. They may not be the right choice for you. Take 3 weeks to a month to fully enjoy this part of your life before putting pen to paper on the wedding plans.

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6: Get Inspired

There are so many great wedding blogs that cater to all types of weddings. Small and intimate, offbeat, diy, large and fashionable, ect, so look around and get a feel of how you two want your wedding day to feel. Save some photos for inspiration to give to vendors when interviewing them to ensure they can deliver what you are looking for.

Your engagement should be fun and a period of your life where you look back and smile, not grit your teeth and just wish the wedding was over already. I hope these few tips helped let you take a deep breath and focus on what's most important to you!

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