26 Best Places to take Engagement Photos around Indianapolis

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is “Where should we take our engagement photos in Indianapolis?”

Engagement photography should be personal to your relationship. If there is a location that is meaningful to you both then that is the perfect place for your engagement session! But if you don’t have a special place in mind that is okay!

Indianapolis has some incredible options for engagement session locations! A lot of the locations can also be great spots for maternity photos and even family photos. So if you know someone who is going to get maternity or family photos, share this list with them! They will love you for it!

Click on the locations name and it will take you to google maps to see where it is!

1. The Canal

The Canal offers a surprising amount of variety with greenery, water, amazing views, and easy access to everything Downtown has to offer.

Indy Canal Picnic
Canal view of downtown Indianapolis

2. Monument Circle

If there are two places that are instantly recognizable as Indianapolis, it's the Salesforce tower, and the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in monument circle.

 Allison and Austin Paint War Engagements
Anderson Indiana 
 Allison and Austin Paint War Engagements
Anderson Indiana 

3. Indianapolis Public Library

A 10 mins walk from Monument Circle, the Indianapolis Public Library is a great place for engagement photos if you are looking for unique and timeless architecture.

 Melissa & Cameron Indianapolis Public Library Engagements Indianapolis Indiana - www.RHatfieldPhotography.com
 Melissa & Cameron Indianapolis Public Library Engagements Indianapolis Indiana - www.RHatfieldPhotography.com

4. Mass Ave

Mass Ave is always alive with activity. Mass Ave would be a great place for an evening engagement session if you want to highlight some of the nightlife Indy has to offer.

 Maggie & Alex Downtown Indianapolis Engagement Session - www.RHatfieldPhotography.com
Mass Ave whale art wall

5. Fountain Square

Fountain Square is a historic neighborhood that feels urban and small town but with some amazing views of downtown and much quieter

fountain square silhouette
Fountian Square green ivy

6. The Green Center in Carmel

The Green Center in Carmel is one of the most beautiful buildings in central Indiana. The surrounding area within walking distance is no different. Also being on the Monon offers a great variety with your engagement photography.

 Allison and Austin Paint War Engagements
Anderson Indiana 
 Allison and Austin Paint War Engagements
Anderson Indiana 

7. West Clay

The West Clay neighborhood is perfectly manicured with water and fountain areas with a quaint row of beautiful business that make a great backdrop

West Clay town square
West Clay blue brick wall

8. Westfield

Some of the most visually interesting alleyways are in Westfield. Westfield is also covered in art which makes it a solid choice to get some variety in your engagement photos

 Kraig & Lauren's Westfield Engagement Session - www.RHatfieldPhotography.com
 Kraig & Lauren's Westfield Engagement Session - www.RHatfieldPhotography.com

9. Downtown Speedway

Speedway may seem like an untraditional location for engagement photos but its rich with industrial charm!

Speedway building architecture
Speedway planter box and bike rack

10. White River State Park

In between the heart of downtown and the zoo is White River State Park. It offers water views, an urban park setting with plenty to do, and is in the shadow of the beautiful JW Marriott

White River State Park Indy statue
White River State Park colorful art wall

11. Lockerbie Square Neighborhood

One of my favorite gems that Indy has to offer. Just a few minutes walk from the Circle downtown the Lockerbie Square Neighborhood is lined with some beautiful mature trees and still has cobblestone streets. It’s so full of charm it would make Joanne Gains swoon.

Lockerbie Square ivy walkway
Lockerbie Square mature trees old brick homes

12. Coxhall Garden

Located north of Indy in Carmel, Coxhall Garden is full of beauty! Its also so large that you can get a great unobstructed view of the sunset which is always a winner in engagement photos

CoxHall Gardens Pavilion
Coxhall Gardens sunset

13. American Legion Mall

The American Legion Mall is at the entrance of the Indianapolis Public Library and extends down to Monument Circle. With plenty of space and greenery it is a refreshing change of pace from the busy downtown streets while still getting downtown views

American Legion mall under the trees
 Maggie & Alex Downtown Indianapolis Engagement Session - www.RHatfieldPhotography.com

14. The Monon Trail

The Monon Trail offer a beautiful walking path with everything from bridges over water, secluded breakaways, and even direct access to Downtown Broad Ripple. The Variety is can add to your photos will be welcomed and noticeable.

Monon Trail Broad Ripple bike ride
 Christian and Molly's Broad Ripple Indiana Engagement Session - www.RHatfieldPhotography.com

15. Downtown Broad Ripple

With art everywhere you go downtown, there is no lack of picture perfect locations. Downtown Broad Ripple offers the most substance with the least amount of walking distance covered compared to every other option on the list. It also has access to BRICS, the Broad Ripple Ice Cream Company which is the perfect way to end an engagement session!

 Caitlyn and Sean's Downtown Broad Ripple Engagement Session - www.RHatfieldPhotography.com
Broad Ripple Ice Cream Company

16. Eagle Creek State Park

The amount of different settings Eagle Creek State Park on Indys north west side has to offer is incredible. From easy access lake views, comfortable trail hiking, and even deep woods thick brush roughing it, I could shoot 1000 engagement sessions here and none of them would look the same but they all would look incredible

 Kimberly & Keagan's Eagle Creek State Park Engagement Session - www.RHatfieldPhotography.com
Eagle Creek State Park Fall Leaves Brown Scarf

17. Holcomb Gardens

Located on the butler campus Holcomb Gardens has a variety of nature-y locations that are deceptively close to civilization and where you parked your car.

Holcomb Gardens walking with bikes under the trees
Holcomb Gardens Evening sun mature trees

18. Fort Harrison State Park

Like Eagle Creek the size of the park is hard to grasp with all of the incredible locations. The main differences from eagle creek is the no lake views but it is on the east side of Indy which could be closer to you depending on where you live

 Parker and Melissa Fort Harrison State Park Engagement Photos - www.RHatfieldPhotography.com
 Nila Pietro Fort Harrison State Park Engagements - 

19. Richey Woods Nature Preserve

Richey Woods is about 15 mins north of Indy, in Fishers off of I-69. You could miss it looking at a map. The use of the park is quite small compared to others but it is dense and the trees are tall which makes for a unique location that does not look like anything that would be 15 mins from Indy.

 Dave and Lindsay's Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve Engagement Session Fishers Indiana - www.RHatfieldPhotography.com
 Jacob and Nicole's Richey Woods Nature Preserve Engagement Session Fishers IN - www.RHatfieldPhotography.com

20. 100 Acre Woods at Newfields

Deceptively names, the 100 Acre woods is actually 50 Acres. And a fun filled 50 Acres they are! Being just outside of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, there are large art installations, water views, the Lilly house, and perfectly manicured gardens. The 100 Acre Woods has never disappointed. Even in the snow!

 Cory And Monica's Fall 100 Acer Woods Engagements  - www.RHatfieldPhotography.com
 Caylee and Nick 100 acre woods engagements 

21. Holiday Park

If you bank with Chase, chances are you see Holiday park every time you log into the app. Holiday park is on the north side of Indy hidden away next to a quiet neighborhood. Holiday park has great options for Unique and creative engagement photography and also an extensive trail system that at times can make you feel like you're in the Disney classic Fern Gully.

 Kimi and Grant Hotel Tango Engagement Session Indianapolis IN - www.RHatfieldPhotography.com
 Kameron and Ellen Early Morning Holiday Park Engagement Session Indianapolis Indiana - www.RHatfieldPhotography.com

22. Broad Ripple Park

Just 3 minutes from downtown Broad Ripple, Broad Ripple Park is a great option if you don't want to go to far and still want engagement photos in Nature.

Broad Ripple Park White River Views
 Amber Alex Broad Ripple Engagements

23. Family Property

The amount of farms and beautiful property within an hour of Indy is incredible. There is a great chance your family property could be the perfect choice. If you two want to be more relaxed or have animals you want to incorporate, having an at home session might be the right choice for you!

Family Property corn field
 John and Barbara's Avon Town Hall Park Engagements  - www.RHatfieldPhotography.com

24. Your Favorite Brewery

If you two love beer as much as I do incorporating your favorite brewery is a natural location. Having a beer to start off your session is also a the perfect (and most delicious) way to loosen up.

 Allison and Austin Paint War Engagements
Anderson Indiana 
Brewery brew tanks

25. An Abandoned Building

If you are looking for an urban look with lots of brick there are no shortage of old or even abandoned buildings near Indianapolis. Wearing Formal attire is perfect for this sort of environment.

 Katy & Aaron's Midland Arts & Antiques Market Engagement Photos Indianapolis Indiana - www.RHatfieldPhotography.com
Abandoned Building Engagement Session

26. Your Wedding Venue

You picked your wedding venue for a reason and it will always mean something to you. If your venue has manicured grounds or great views it would be the perfect way to get more images and explore your wedding venue before the big day!

 Emily Archer IMA Senior Photos
Indianapolis IN
 Kristen and Spencer's CoxHall Garden Engagements Carmel Indiana - www.RHatfieldPhotography.com

This may seem like a huge list but it's just a small sample of the best and versatile places to have your engagement photos taken around Indianapolis. In fact a lot of the locations listed are close enough you could do 2-3 locations for your engagement session. Like I said earlier your engagement photography should be personal to your relationship. Having a personal engagement session will add value to your photos and become something you cherish for years to come!

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