Best Winter Wedding Favors for your Indiana Wedding

It can be hard to pick the perfect wedding favors for your guests. If you’ve never been married before this might be the first time you have thought about wedding favors. But as a proud hoosier you don’t take the easy way out, you want your guests to be talking about your wedding for years to come. The most popular wedding favors are 3 things, Memorable, Personal, and Seasonal. With a winter wedding here in Indiana you have a lot of options for wedding favors but here are my 5 favorite winter wedding favors.

1.Handmade Soap

Homemade soap is a great gift! It’s so much better than the soap you can buy in the store, they last longer, smell better, are not full of chemicals, and go to help out someone local creating a product they believe in! Give your guests something they would only find in a boutique resort to remember your wedding by. And with scents like honey pine, every time they smell pine for years to come they will think of your wedding day. Fragrant Blossom Soaps in Noblesville has a ton of incredible scents for your wedding day!



Winter is the perfect time to warm up with a little booze. From mini bottles of your favorite whiskey to your own home brewed oatmeal stout and even personal sized bottles of your favorite warm red wine your guests are sure to appreciate the added warmth for your chilly winter wedding! And if you want to make your own wine but don’t own a winery, no worries! Harmony Winery in Fishers offers personalized wines you can make for all your guests in a fun class!


3. Personalized Artisan Coffee

What’s better on a cold winter morning than waking up with a warm cup of coffee. We all know the big brand coffee you buy at the store is essentially ground up dirty cardboard. Buying a few pounds of ground coffee from a local roaster is a cheap and delicious way for your guests to remember the morning after the wedding after they had 1 to many Hot Toddy’s or Old Fashions the night before! You can also do hot coco for the kids!

Check out Bee Coffee Roasters downtown Indianapolis who makes some of my favorite local coffee!


4. Custom Cookies!

Growing up every year our family would spend one weekend over winter break to make more cookies than there were humans within a 20 mile radius. When it comes to winter and holidays cookies are essential! Head over to Rene’s Bakery on the northside of Indianapolis and try out some baked goods if they don’t have what you’re looking for on the menu they specialize in custom orders for your wedding day!



How could I have list of Indiana wedding favors without popcorn?! Just Pop In is new to Indy and it’s a hit! They have half a dozen flavors to bag up as great favors for your wedding guests. On top of the classics like cheese and caramel they even have unique flavors like Blueberry and Strawberry and they can put on a custom sticker with your wedding date on each and every bag! It’s sure to not only please the adults but also keep the kids busy while you’re busy dancing with all of your sorority sisters on the dance floor!


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