What To Ask Wedding Videographers in Indiana

You know exactly Why You Need A Wedding Videographer, you did your research or got recommendations from your photographer and have set up a consultation with 2-3 of your favorite videographers. You should already have info like if they are available for your wedding date and the wedding videographers average cost package. 8 months before the big day is when to book a wedding videographer.

You will cherish your wedding video for the rest of your life. You want to make sure you ask the right questions so you can pick the right wedding videographer for you and your wedding! Know that wedding videographers in Indianapolis operate differently and this blog is to act more as a guide to help you make the right decision personally.

Here are the 16 Questions to Ask a Wedding Videographer.

PS download these questions at the bottom of the page to print out and take with you to your meeting.

1: How long have you been in the wedding industry?

This is a great starter. They are the professional, let them guide the conversation. This lets them talk a bit about what they do and will hopefully bring up specific questions to ask.

2: How would you describe your shooting style?

There are several different style of wedding videography and knowing which you like will help you narrow down the right videographer. The main styles of wedding videography are Cinematic and Documentary. Cinematic wedding videography is typically shorter clips that are used to tell a strong story. Documentary is longer shots that focus less on creativity and more on the editing to piece things together.

3: Have you shot at my ceremony location before?

If they have not, it is not a deal breaker but if they have they can clue you into any rules or regulations the venue might have. Some venues will not let the photographer/videographer get closer than the last aisle so guests are not disturbed. Knowing that will be helpful.

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4: How many cameras do you use for the ceremony?

There should be a minimum of 3, 4 is better. It will give them options when editing to maximize the moment and emotion. The additional cameras typically stay on tripods.

5: How many shooters will be at the wedding?

With wedding videography having a second videographer is ideal so there are options to cut away to when editing. A photographer can easily shoot a wedding on their own because of the nature of photography being still.

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6: Will you be using a Drone? Do you have a drone operators license? Do you have liability insurance?

Drone videography can really up the production and quality of your wedding video. Ask to confirm they are registered to fly a drone commercially with the FAA to avoid getting the law involved in your wedding day. Also ask how much liability insurance they have as drone accidents can happen and when you have a lot of guests at your wedding you want to make sure they will be covered.

7: What parts of the wedding do you shoot?

This questions may sound obvious but some videographers don’t film the portrait session with your photographer instead they film the cocktail hour with your guests. It’s an artistic preference. Again no right or wrong answer here, just make sure you are clear on what they will be shooting.

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8: How do you capture audio through the day? Wireless mic, on camera mics?

Wireless mics will give the clearest audio but require adjusting constantly and the receiver is the size of a deck of cards that you may have to find difficult to keep on you without pockets.

9: What kind of lighting do you use during the reception? Is it intrusive?

Reception is typically dark which can make it difficult to record video in. Videographers typically bring lights to mount on their camera but bright lights can be distracting when dancing. Ask how intrusive the lights are or if they can be dimmed.

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10: How do you handle music for the film?

Music is every videographers headache. You can't use popular songs without licensing them which can be upwards of $100/song. There are free licensing possibilities but the music is typically limited. Try to get an idea of what the videographer with do to add music.

11: What creative input for you want from us and what do you prefer to have final say on?

Film is an artistic expression but it is also a product being made for you. I can say that typically wedding videographers know what they are doing and will do a good job at but you may have a specific request or style you want something done in. Ask the videographer for how they handle this.

12: Can we make changes to the final film once we see it?

You may have invited uncle joe just as a formality and are not a fan of the dance floor feature he got in your final edit. Ask your videographer it is possible to make changes in the final film for this reason. A simple swap like this should not be a big issue.

13: What will be delivered to me after the wedding?

Get clear on what you will receive. Will it be a digital download, will you receive a USB thumb drive, or even a DVD? Videographers are all across the board here so if you want something specific, ask.

14: Is the video watermarked?

The wedding video you receive to keep and hold onto should not be watermarked. If they post the video online it should not be a problem if they do watermark it. The watermark protects them against theft and helps advertise their business.

15: Are there any additional costs we may encounter?

You may encounter additional fees for travel over a certain distance, excessive editing costs at your request, or rentals at the videographer would have to make also at your request. Like if the videographer did not own a drone and you insisted you wanted a drone shot that he would have to rent a drone for. This is standard.

16: When will the wedding be delivered?

Get it written in the contract. Protect yourself!

Ask to look at a sample contract and its cancellation policy.

I know my idea of a fun weekend does not include looking over legal documents but your wedding is a big event and you want to make sure you are covered. Payment, delivery date, and cancellation policy. You want to know what would happen if a natural disaster or a death in the family would cause you to postpone or call off the wedding date.

I hope this information helped you on your hunt for the best videography option for your wedding day. These things can feel overwhelming at times but a little bit of preparation will ensure you make the right decision and that your wedding day is everything you have dreamed it to be!

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What to Ask Wedding Caterer's in Indiana

Wedding catering has the second biggest impact on the feel of your wedding day after the venue. From plated beef Wellington to buffet pulled pork sandwiches and everything in between the food you serve will dictate your guests experience. That can make finding the right caterer for your wedding more challenging than you would imagine. Luckily there are plenty of options for  wedding catering in Indianapolis.

With these 12 questions of what to ask wedding caterers you will be on the right path to finding the right caterer for your wedding here in Indiana. Before you start calling around to caterers you should have a wedding budget and also check with your vendor first to see if they even allow outside caterers. Be sure to check out all of the questions to ask your wedding venue here.

Once you have a budget and know your venue will allow outside catering, 10 months before your wedding is when to book a wedding reception caterer. Here are the 12 questions you need to ask any potential wedding caterer.

PS Download the PDF with all of the questions below to take with you to your next caterer interview at the bottom of the page!

1: Have you ever catered at my venue?

This should not be a big deal if they have not, but if they have ask if there is anything you need to be aware of to avoid any surprises.

2: Are you licensed to serve alcohol? If so do you accommodate special mixed drinks? Can we provide the alcohol? If not what brands will be served? Are prices per drink or per person?

Weddings and Alcohol go hand in hand. If you plan on serving drinks to your guest be sure to ask these questions as they will give you a clear idea on pricing and logistics.

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3: Will we need any special permits for my wedding? If so will you obtain them?

If you are getting married at a state park you may need a special permit to serve food and other places may need a permit to serve alcohol. The caterer should know and also know how to obtain them.

4: Can you accommodate dietary restrictions? What about kids meals and vendor meals?

Many people have dietary restrictions. It may be for medical reasons of health conscious reasons. Regardless your caterer should be able to accommodate if you give them notice. Also there is no reason to provide a pricier meal to any picky children who would be happy with chicken tenders or Mac and cheese. Also ask about vendor meals options. Typically vendor meals are for your wedding planner, photographer, and DJ.

5: Do you provide any decor?

Often caterers will supply some decor like posted menus for a buffet or other arrangements for an appetizer table. Ask what their options are. It could save you from having to rent extras.

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6: Do we have to work off a preset menu or can we customize a menu or have a theme?

More and more couples are including food in the theme of their wedding. From BBQ to Hawaiian Luau. If you will have a predominant theme for your wedding, ask your caterer for ideas!

7: What are my options for cocktail hour? What’s the price difference between an appetizer station and passed appetizers?

Cocktail hour is for your guests to enjoy a bite to eat after the ceremony while you and the bridal party are with the photographer. Caterers should have a wide variety of options to serve your guests. Having passed appetizers encourages your guests to walk around and chat with other guests as they will not naturally head to a table.

Passed BBQ Pulled Pork Appetizers

Passed BBQ Pulled Pork Appetizers

Cucumber Hummus Appetizer Station

Cucumber Hummus Appetizer Station

8: Do you charge a cake cutting fee? / If we don't want cake, what other desert options are available?

Your caterer will be the ones cutting up your wedding cake to serve to all of your guests. Some will charge a cake cutting fee, typically only if they did not produce the cake. And if you don’t want cake, ask them what other options are available.

9: Do you have boxes for guests to take home leftover food / can it be donated to a local shelter?

If there is leftover food that you don’t to go to waste ask for containers that let your guests take home food or many caterers partner with local shelters. Ask what the typically do and make a plan so that it does not get wasted.

10: How much time is required to set up / breakdown? Are there extra fees for that?

This is important if you have time restrictions from your venue.

11: Given our budget and number of guests what menu would you recommend? Do you have any speciality dishes?

Caterers are the experts when it comes to serving food. Ask for their suggestion. They do this every day and know the logistics of serving at weddings. You might be surprised with their recommendation.

12: What’s the price difference between buffet and plated meals? If we do a plated dinner how many servers would be needed for the number of guests we have?

Buffet style serving is typically the most cost effective but the time it takes to get everyone through the line and served is much longer. With a plated service, everyone gets served at the same time meaning you can have toasts or even dances without worrying anyone will miss them in line getting food.

Custom Cocktails on a Chalkboard Sign

Custom Cocktails on a Chalkboard Sign

Ask to see a cost breakdown

Next before you sign anything, ask for a cost breakdown. This should go over everything you decided on for your wedding catering needs and also show any hidden fees.

Look over the contract and cancellation policy

Going over legal documents is not fun but for a big day like your wedding you want to make sure you are covered. Make sure it covers things like what happens in the event of a supply shortage and of course look over the cancellation policy. No one wants to think about these things but there could be a natural disaster or a death in the family that caused the wedding date to be postponed or canceled.

Click Here to Download this list of Questions to Ask your Wedding Reception Caterer to print out and take with you!

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