Top 5 Unique Wedding Venues In Indianapolis

You want your wedding to be personal and intimate to who you are as a couple. You want elements of your wedding day to reflect what makes you two unique and bad ass. Maybe you are serving donuts instead of a traditional cake, or you might be planning to have your bridesmaids walk down the aisle with puppies in their arms instead of bouquets of flowers. You want your wedding to be uniquely your own so why not pick a wedding venue that is as unique as you are and will show off your personalities. Luckily Indianapolis has no shortage of incredible wedding and reception venues that are as unique as you are! Once you narrow down the list of potential venues, be sure to read What to Ask Wedding Venue to ensure you make the right choice!


I’m not kidding! You get married at the zoo! How cool is that? The zoo is an incredible venue with some amazing perks! First it’s in a great location downtown. Close to plenty of hotels for your guests. Because It’s in a great location you will also get some incredible views of the Indianapolis skyline which is magical at night! Having your wedding at the zoo also means that you’re helping the efforts to protect endangered wildlife with their conservation efforts. And my favorite reason why anyone would have their wedding at the zoo, you get private access to the WORLD’S only underwater dolphin viewing dome! Think of how great those photos are going to turn out! To find out more about how to have your Wedding at the zoo, CLICK HERE!


2: The Indiana Roof Ballroom

This place is incredible. It’s almost 16,000 sq feet! You can fit 2 major league baseball diamonds inside of this place! If you are looking for a wedding venue with history and want to make a grand entrance- this is the place for you! Also in the heart of downtown just two blocks from the Soldiers and Sailors' Monument there will be plenty of hotels for your guests to stay with no worry about who is driving where when the night is over. It really is a sight to be seen and will leave a lasting impression on all of your guests! To find out more about how to have your Wedding at the Indiana Roof Ballroom, CLICK HERE

3: Jameson Camp

Were you the kind of girl growing up who loved spending time playing outside not caring if you got a little dirty? Were you a Summer Camp junkie? Well Jameson Camp might be the right answer for you! Off bridgeport road near Avon this place is a diamond in the rough! It’s a bonafide summer camp for Indianapolis’ at risk youth! They are helping mold our future leaders today! Having your wedding on this beautiful piece of property is like a breath of fresh air. Surrounded by trees, streams, rope courses, and gardens- these spacious log cabin fits right in! And like the zoo, you can know that by having your wedding here you are helping out a great cause! To find out more about how to have your wedding at Jameson Camp, CLICK HERE!

 Matt and Jen Korinkie Wedding
Jameson Camp
Indianapolis Indiana
 Matt and Jen Korinkie Wedding
Jameson Camp
Indianapolis Indiana
 Matt and Jen Korinkie Wedding
Jameson Camp
Indianapolis Indiana

4: Mustard Seed Gardens

Do you lust after the old plantation wedding venues you would find in Georgia or the Carolinas? Mustard Seed Gardens might be right for you! Just North of Fishers, Mustard Seed Gardens is a large venue with 5 meticulously landscaped areas for you two to say “I Do”. Their “Olde Barn” is large enough to accommodate up to 200 guests and is perfect in the later months when it starts to get cold earlier in the evening. “The Maple Tree” couldn't be a more picturesque if you’re having a evening ceremony. Right as the sun is starting to set and the sky starts to turn into the beautiful colors Indiana is known for.. Now, THAT is the perfect time to tie the knot. To find out how to have your wedding at Mustard Seed Gardens, CLICK HERE!

Mustard Seed Gardens Wedding Venue

5: Flanner and Buchanan Community Life Center

The Community Life Center has to be the most unique on this list because it is also a funeral home! But before you make any rash decisions, hear me out. The Community Life Center is beautifully landscaped, has an incredible indoor space for guests, spots for dancing with large windows, has more chandeliers than Buckingham Palace AND it’s generally cheaper and has much better availability than some of the more traditional wedding venues here in Indy. I highly encourage you to entertain the idea and go for a tour. To find out how to have your wedding at the Community Life Center, CLICK HERE!


No matter where you get married in Indianapolis, it will be uniquely yours. Your day will be special and memorable for all involved, especially you and your groom. But a badass venue couldn’t hurt.

Now you know of some unique wedding venues, be sure you know What To Ask Wedding Venue and download the list of questions to bring with you to your next meeting!

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