The RHatfield Photography Wedding Experience 

In the beginning: YOU SAID YES! Now its time to start planning your wedding! From the moment you send me the first email I work impossibly hard to give you the absolute best customer service experience possible! You might be a morning person (but who are we kidding?) or you might be a night owl (now that's more like it), rest assured that I'm just an email away and getting back to you is my number one priority! 

The Meeting: We both know that I'm not the only Wedding Photographer in Indianapolis you will meet with but I want to be the only photographers you want to work with! I love meeting for an early cup of coffee or meet after work for a nice cold hard drink. I promise the meeting is nothing like you're imagining. There is no cheap used salesman talk here. We talk about your wedding, we look at some beautiful wedding albums, I answer all of your questions about my wedding collections and digital files, and we try to share a laugh or two somewhere in there. I have learned it's always best for our clients to not only love the photos but also love our personalities, as you will be spending more time with me on your wedding day than any other vendor, OR the person you are marrying! We will dig into how you envision everything going the day of while we take mental notes on how to best serve you. I want to understand your vision so you are confident that we will deliver exactly what you want, so trust is a huge factor in choosing your wedding photographer. 

Booking: We sat down to talk about your wedding over a cup of coffee or local beer and you two have decided you want to have me as your wedding photographer (and we all share a high five)! The next step is for you both to look over, understand, and then sign your wedding contracts. The contracts make everything official by protecting you and clarifying everyone's expectations. They are signed online which saves the world a tree, and saves you a pesky stamp! After the signing we will send an invoice, and a 30% deposit (which can be paid online) is all that is needed to book your date!  Then we get to the fun and creative aspects of your wedding day!

Engagements: I love the engagement session. Engagements help you two get more comfortable in front of the camera because unless your last name is Kardashian (and I hope its not) chances are you don’t feel comfortable when someone puts a camera in your face. The stress free environment on top of wearing whatever you feel comfortable and confident in, ensures you will both leave with some great photos. In the hour or so we spend together I try to get to know you better so come your wedding day it feels more like you are surrounded by one more friend instead of just another vendor and you will feel super comfortable and know exactly what to expect from the real life experience of the engagement session!  Just two short weeks after the engagement session I send you an email with a link to an online gallery for you to download your professionally edited and polished full resolution photos to share with family, friends, and Facebook! Most couples also order a premium canvas wrapped engagement guestbook so your guests can leave a fun little message like when we were growing up and all left notes for each other in our yearbooks!

The In Between: In the months leading up to your wedding, I'll will be communicating with your wedding planner and you working out the final timeline so we know what to do on our end to ensure we will deliver amazing wedding photos when all is done! You will hear from us a few times before your wedding. As the wedding date gets closer you will hear from us a month before the wedding when we send out a questionnaire to confirm a lot of the major details, then just a few days before the wedding for a final timeline, and the morning of before we arrive on site! If at any time you and your fiance have any questions what so ever PLEASE ASK! We love it when our couples are as excited to work with us as we are with them! 

THE BIG DAY!: ITS HERE! You've planned all you can plan and busted your ass to get every little detail just right! So while you and your bridesmaids are enjoying a mimosa or 6 you can expect us shortly after hair and make up arrives. We come in, hug, and introduce ourselves to all the bridesmaids and everyone else in the room. Then we go over to where the guys are getting ready, share another high five and introduce ourselves to all the groomsmen who are typically getting an early start on the Patron or Jonnie walker.  We float our way between the groups getting ready and if you booked both of us its a great way to get a new perspective. 

The First Look: After everyone is dressed and looking like a boss, 99.97% of our couples decide to have a first look prior to the ceremony. We take both the bride and groom away from the natural bridal chaos for a first look. Typically once you both turn around there is some nervous laughing followed by tears of joy.  Let it all flow, just do what feels right in the moment while we quietly capture it. 

                                  There are several reasons "First Looks" for doing a first look

  • Most venues only give you a certain number of hours for the ceremony and reception so being pressed for time a first look would maximize the available time and wont hold you up as much for the cocktail hour or reception after the ceremony.
  • A lot of weddings are happening during the sunset which makes amazing light, but leaves none for afterwards. There is usually enough time after the ceremony to get the family photos but shortly after that the sun wishes you good luck and says goodbye. Couple portraits take about a half hour and so and being able to utilize the sun is a huge help when it comes to your portraits. 
  • You wouldn't think it, but you two will get very little time together on your wedding day, and even less time alone together. Having an hour or so of alone time prior to the wedding not only gives time to get your bridal photos don't but also gives you two time to have a chat and share some alone time to just soak in each others company on your wedding day. BONUS: If we can get your bridal party photos done before the ceremony, everyone can get to the reception earlier and trust us when we say everyone will be hungry, ESPECIALLY you two! And getting the bridal party photos done before means that your cocktail hour just turned into a cocktail HALF hour meaning we just saved you a ton of cash! 

The Reception: You did it! You both said I Do and are both excited to party into the night! This is where you and your DJ can talk about a reception timeline and figure out when you will be introduced, eat, toast, cut the cake, and dance. I Highly recommend  that order. We are quick on our feet and have found this order ensures we have time to move our lighting and cameras in the right spots, capturing you two beautifully! After that its a dance party for the rest of the night!

The Day After: While you're getting ready and packing for your honeymoon you might have seen that we got so excited and already posted a couple of our favorite photos from your wedding on our Facebook page! We know you'll be just as excited so feel free to share them before you head off to what ever tropical beach you two will call home for the next couple of days. 

 The Weeks After: From the moment we return home we start working tirelessly to editing each and every single amazing photo from your wedding and are hard working on your one of a kind wedding album and creating a beautiful Love Story Blog with our favorite wedding pictures. All of your wedding photos are uploaded to our secure web gallery that you can share with family and friends where they have the option to buy and download their favorite photos and even order prints! 

The Album: Part of my job as a photographer is to tell the story of your wedding day threw pictures. The album is my final product. I create and build the album digitally and send you a link to view it online. You will have the options of beautiful leather, and linen covers in various colors. You let me know of any changes you want made (like less pictures of Uncle Bob) I re-build the book and send you the updated copy. Once I get the stamp of awesomeness from you both I will send it to the printer and will be on its way for you to cherish forever! 

The Happily Ever After: You love your wedding photos, you love your wedding album, and the prints hanging on your walls. The service does not stop there. We know that referrals are strongest recommendation because they are a sign of trust. That does not go unnoticed to us! So keep an eye out for the mail man, they just might be delivering a surprise!