Wedding Photography FAQs

Wedding photography is extremely personalized. I'll never shoot another wedding like yours and I would never try to. Here are some of the questions I get asked most. Have more questions? Head to the bottom to ask whatever question is burning inside of you! 



Q:  How Long Have You Been Shooting Weddings? 

A: I grew up and went to school for Cinematography in California in 2007 and found that Photography was truly my passion. Lucky for me all of the technical skills I learned in school gave me a huge leg up over the other photographers in the area. I started assisting other photographers at weddings before meeting my now wife and in 2011 we moved out to Indiana and have been shooting weddings here ever since! 

Q: Are You The Photographer Who Will Shoot My Wedding? What Happens If You're Hurt or Sick?

A:You will potentially be spending just as much time (if not more) with me than you will be with your spouse on your wedding day. This is why during the pre consultation process, I do everything in my power to get to know you both so we can ensure our styles and personalities match well. I also go over all of my policies, including what happens in the unfortunate event that something were to happen to me before your wedding and how things are handled to make sure you don't have to worry about a thing on your wedding day! Rest assured that I am very well connected in the community and have plenty of other wedding photographers in Indianapolis willing to help out, just incase! 

Q: Have You Ever Shot At My Wedding or Reception Venue?

A: Ive had close to 100 Indianapolis couples in front of my camera so there is a great chance that I have shot at your venue! One of the skills that sets me apart from other wedding photographers is my ability to adapt quickly. I have learned that you never know what is going to happen on a wedding day so you have to be on your toes. I enter every wedding with this mindset, so showing up to a new venue has never been a problem for me. I try not to visit a venue before shooting it so that I have fresh eyes on it to spark creativity which ultimately creates better photos. 

Q: What Is Your Photography Style? 

A: I'm kind of an odd duck (and I hope you are too). I shoot 90% unposed photojournalistic candid photos during your Wedding day and then 10% beautiful artistic portraits of you and your new love. One of the first things I will tell you and your bridesmaids when I show up is to never feel like you are in my way. I can always move. A lot of time I will just quietly camp out in one spot focused on someone waiting for the perfect moment or reaction to take the photo.  I truly think its the moments between the moments that create the most powerful and lasting photos. 

Q: How Long Do Bridal Portraits Take To Shoot?

A: I know that you may have family flying in for your wedding, or maybe this is the first time your whole sorority has been together since you all graduated. Spending time with them is of the utmost importance. You don't want to look back on your wedding day and regret not spending enough time with the ones you don't see so often and with my ability to think on my feet along with the knowledge and skill Ive gained from shooting so many weddings, I'm confident I'll be able to get everything I need without compromising your beautiful photos in just 30 minutes. Thats unheard of from other wedding photographers but I truly want you to enjoy your time with the guests who have come to celebrate such an incredible occasion with you. 

Q: Can I Give You A List Of Shots I Want You To Take At My Wedding?

A: Because so much of my work is completely unposed and unfolds naturally in front of my camera it can be incredibly hard to stick to a list. That being said if you're wanting something like: a patch of your cousins shirt who recently passed away sewn into your dress and you're really wanting a good photo of it, then of course. Yes please tell me things like that as those are what make your wedding day so special! And as we get closer to your wedding date I will also ask you for a list of the family members you want family photos taken with but know that Im experienced shooting weddings and wont need a shot list to cover your day!

Q: Can You Photoshop Me To Look Perfect In Every Photo? 

A: You're beautiful. Your partner thinks your beautiful. They love you for you not what you could look like after an hour of retouching and airbrushing you in each and every photo. The truth my style of photography is so candid and natural it wouldn't make any sense to photoshop you into a different person in every photo. Now if you have any temporary imperfections or blemishes Ill take care of those no problem. Remember, You're beautiful!

Q: How Long Does It Take To Edit And Deliver My Wedding Photos?

A: I'm sure you have heard horror stories of brides just like you waiting 4, 5, 6 months for their wedding photos? Maybe more? In the contract you two will sign, I guarantee that you will have your wedding photos in your hands ready to share in JUST 60 DAYS after your wedding! I know how anxious you are to relive your wedding day and I've perfected my editing workflow to ensure that you're not stuck wondering where your wedding photos are 6 months after your wedding! 

Q: Why Do You Shoot Weddings?

A: Weddings are one of the happiest days in someone's life already but photography enhances it further. I love looking at photos from my childhood. There is something about looking at a photo of yourself from years ago and being instantly transported into that same frame of mind you had back then. It's like a time machine. Suddenly you remember what was going on when the photo was taken as if you can see through those eyes again. I'm providing you an investment. After the wedding you will love the photos and share them with friends and family sure but unlike a lot of photographers, I shoot weddings for the long haul knowing that 10 years from now when you're moving and packing up your house, you will stumble upon your wedding photos. Slowly looking through them the time machine starts up. You're right back to your wedding day. You remember what it smelt like. You remember what you were thinking at that moment. You remember what your Dad said to you as you were walking down the aisle. You remember how great your wedding cake was. You are literally reliving your wedding day through a photograph. That is why Im so passionate about wedding photography.

Q: Your Answers Are Perfect! We Want You To Shoot Our Wedding! How Do We Get Ahold Of You? 

A: You're too kind! How about we slow this down and set up a time to meet first! Lets all get some coffee or a beer from your favorite local brewery. We can talk more about your wedding and make sure we are going to be a great match and that I'm the right photographer for you! Just fill out the form below to email me!