5 Ways To Add Personality To Your Wedding Day

Ask your married friends, Your Wedding day will come and go quicker than you expect. Here are a few tips for making your Wedding day as fun and enjoyable as possible while adding in your personality and even leaving you with a keepsake!

1: Engagement Album as a Guest Book

Remember the joy of having all of your friends sign funny notes in your high school yearbook? Have your photographer create an album of your engagement photos to use as a guest book at your wedding. Your guests will write you fun notes that you two will be able to look back at for years to come. This is much more fun than a traditional guest book that would just end up in the attic collecting dust.


2. Have a First Look

The tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony comes from a time of arranged marriages where the groom might flee if he didn’t think the bride was to his liking. That's no longer an issue. Taking a few moments before the ceremony to see and joke with each other, can really calm your nerves and get you more excited to walk down the aisle!

3: Name your tables places you and your partner have traveled to together

Share a photo and a story of your travel at each table's centerpiece. Not only will it be unique to you both but it will give your guests a topic to talk about over dinner of places they would like to travel too, or where they have been.

This couple named their tables after their favorite local breweries

This couple named their tables after their favorite local breweries

4: Make your reception entrance special!

You only have one chance to make a great first impression. This is a great way to add personality to your wedding. Some couples have made a special video for their entrance like this one below! It's sure to get some laughs and get your guests excited and cheering for you to walk in!

5: Choreograph your first dance together.

Just about every wedding video you will see on YouTube is either a total failure or an epic first dance. It's clear people are entertained by a great show! I'm not saying you should have a choreographed first dance in the hopes of going viral but just to add some spice. It doesn't have to be over the top. Make it personal. Search Groupon for discounted dance lessons!

Now it's time to celebrate your love with your wedding guests. The people who mean the most to you, your family and friends. You now know how to make your wedding day more enjoyable for you and your love! 


If you have made it this far its clear that you two value a great time! Do you want your wedding day to be filled with so much fun it knocks the socks off your guest? If so you have to download my 6 wedding reception tips that'll WOW your guests! You can thank me when everyone is having such a great time, your venue has to kick you out for staying too long! 

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