What's in my bag: Wedding Edition

I think deep down every photographer is a gear nerd. We spend carefully reading every review we can find on the internet before we make any purchase. On top of late nights spent reading every article on sites like www.SLRLounge.com, www.DIYPhotography.net, and anxiously refreshing www.CanonRumors.com, we also salivate over MTF charts for new lenses, researching recycle times for the newest flashes, and of course hoping Amazon will "suggest" something new we have never heard of to try out. 

Somewhere along the way (When photography becomes no longer a hobby but a profession) you start to be a little more frugal with your cash and you find you have to ask yourself "I know I want this $2000 lens but will it MAKE me money?". Ive gone threw enough lenses, camera bodies, flashes, camera bags, straps, and even radio triggers to staff a large company. I have gone from wanting anything photography related to wanting just the bare minimum when these humid Indianapolis summers would get to me and my back started to hurt carrying everything around at a wedding. haha. I've been in the game long enough to figure out what I need to bring to every wedding. Sure sometimes Ill rent a 135mm f2 if the church is very large, and I didn't photograph my light stands or ND filters because that stuff no one is truly interested in. 

In my bag is... 






Most people might wondering what I do with the iPad, and it's a fair question and my favorite answer. I have my 5Dmkiii set to shoot Raw on the CF card, and JPGs on the SD card. Well on the way to the reception my beautiful second shooter Stormi or I will plug the SD card into the card reader and upload our favorite few photos, give them a quick edit and then wirelessly print them with the Fuji Instax SP-1, so at the end of the night we have a physical momento to hand to the bride and groom, who immediately go and show their bridal party, becoming human billboards for your wonderfull photography services!


Whats in my bag by Raymond Hatfield - Indianapolis Wedding and Engagement Photographer