What's in my bag:

I (Like a lot of other photographers) love camera gear. I love a cool new toy, and who doesn't?  Photography as a hobby is VERY expensive but as a profession, its relatively cheap. $3000 cameras, $3500 in lenses, $500 flashes, $200 in memory cards, another $200 in batteries, and then you need back ups of all of your gear just incase something fails. Having all the cool cameras lenses and flashes are fun but they are also large and heavy. And lets face it none of us are growing younger, those heavy cameras seem to get heavier every day. 

Fuji x100 camera

I love the idea of always having a camera with me and thats the only reason I blindly hand over all of my money, I mean upgrade my phone every year. As phenomenal as cell phone camera have become they are still limited by the size of their sensor and we all know the larger the sensor the better you get that creamy depth of field. Traditionally the larger the sensor, the larger the camera which means more weight and now it wont fit in your pocket and now you don't want to take it with you everywhere. 

Wireless Flash Triggers

I strongly believe you can only get better at something by doing it. I want to be the best photographer I can which means bringing my camera with me everywhere. Do you see my dilemma? So when Fuji releases the x100 back in January of 2013 I took notice. Its small, pocketable for some. Has a large APS-c sensor (same size as the sensor in the Canon 7D mk II). It has full manual controls AND shoots RAW. Woah. Game changer! I can take this thing everywhere I go and not stick out like a sore thumb with a camera the size of a baby on my shoulder.

peak design wrist strap

It may have had a rough start but Fuji really came threw and kept the firmware up to date and has turned this little camera into a MUST have in my camera bag. 

Tenba DNA-8 Camera bag

So Whats in my Camera Bag?

If we are going somewhere and I wont need the flash the bag is great because I can just put in some kids snacks or an extra juice box. 

Camera bag Space

The bag closes with velcro which would have been a deal breaker IF they didn't ingeniously put a zipper on the top of the bag to be able to access the inside without having to open the velcro flap.

Camera bag Zipper

This bag is so well made and the perfect size for me. If I had a full size iPad like an Air then I would have went for the Tenba DNA-11 as a tablet that size would not fit in the Tenba DNA-8. I can't say how much I love this bag, enough. 

Tenba DNA-8 Camera bag