Why mobilegeddon is the best thing that could happen for new photographers.

Back in February Google announced that it will be making some huge changes to it's tried and true search algorithm and naturally photographers freaked out worse than when an "Uncle Bob" jumps in the middle of the aisle during the first kiss.


Google is the king of web searches. There is no doubt about it. Google has to give the best search results all the time otherwise people are going to start using... I don't know, Bing? To stay the number 1 search engine they have to provide consistent and relevant results no matter where you are, including when you're on the go. According to a recent CNET article, the amount of google searches made on a mobile device will surpass the amount of searched made on a desktop computer by the end of this year! 

Google, once again being at the forefront of mobile search innovation has decided to change it's search algorithm to "favor" websites that are mobile optimized. What does this mean? Will it affect me? The short answer is YES but here is why it's good for you! Before the algorithm change if you were to search "Indianapolis wedding photographer" you would have found me on the 10th page of Google. That's not good. At all. Like if google told me that if I ate liver and dirt sandwiches for a year, they would put me on the 5th page, I would have done it in a heart beat. Today after the algorithm change you can (to my amazement) find me nice and cozy on the 3rd page of search results. 


Well why, you ask? Other photographers have spent thousands of dollars building a beautiful flash website and have been in business for 30 years so why do you rank highre then them? Well flash is dead. No matter how pretty it is you cant view it on a phone. And Google wont take kindly to that. 

So how is this good for me? Now more than ever is the perfect time to capitalize on Googles recent change and really make a name for yourself in no time. If your site is already mobile optimized then I guarantee you saw a jump in your rankings. Keep the momentum going! Start putting some serious work into SEO. Post videos, add metadata to the photos you post, be sure every page has your market location on it so google knows where you are! 


We live in a new era where you don't have to have a brick and mortar storefront studio to be a wedding photographer. Our online presence is almost the most important asset we have, after ourselves obviously. Becoming a successful wedding photographer is not an easy thing to do and there is no single manual that will give you a step by step walk through. But if you're serious about becoming a successful wedding photographer you will have to do play by Googles rules, so why not use them to your advantage?