Zack and Erin's Indianapolis Wedding AND VIDEO!

“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.”

Maya Angelou


I have worked desk jobs. I have manned an assembly line. I've had jobs serving wings and beer in a sports bar and delivering meals to the elderly. I have spent hours being paid to tie tags on to bags from Nordstroms. I spent the majority of my teenage employment pulling boats back to the California shore, and once, I even played a flamboyant teenager in an indy film. All of these things brought me money. All of these things provided stability and comfort for my lifestyle, but not a single one brought me the satisfaction that photography does. 


Unfortunately, making a passion a career, finding your calling, and just all around being in love with what you do for a living is a rarity. One of my favorite things about doing photography as a career is meeting so many amazing people and being able to learn and witness different lifestyles, family dynamics, and careers. I get to hear all of my client's "how we met" story and I love that variety.


I love a client that is passionate about what they do, which is what really caught my attention about Erin and Zack. These are two people who ended up in this place (the alter) that they never even expected to be. They had known each other through mutual friends and just so happened to be studying (separately) at Starbucks one morning, made small talk, and without warning or permission, like love usually does, it bloomed into something spectacular.



These are two people who have set goals and have been checking them off their list one by one. Not only did they spend this year planning their wedding, Erin was also finishing medical school (which she has now graduated from, Congratulations Dr. McAdams!), and buying a house.... in UTAH. I mean, really? Overacheivers. It took all my energy planning my own wedding and my wife did 95% of it!


This couple has so much drive and a true vision of where they want their life to go. They are planners, and planners get things done, however that doesn't mean they miss out on any fun. These two are adventurers. I usually try to schedule a meeting with my clients sometime before their wedding so that we get comfortable around each other before I shove a camera in their face and expect them to act natural. However, every time I tried to contact Erin and Zack for that meeting they were either mountain biking, rock climbing, or on some bad ass skii trip. And according to one of the groomsmen, they're pretty competitive at tennis.


It was such an incredible wedding and I am lucky to have been a part of it. It was no secret that Erin's family and friends all swore that she would be well into her medical career before she even thought about finding a husband. THAT is how career driven this woman is. However, love pays no attention to time. It has no regard for plans. It just happens. And after that father-daughter dance with a father's eyes swollen with tears and a heart felt speech from the maid of honor- it was apparent that the joining of these two people was approached with nothing but support and pride. I wish these this beautiful couple nothing but the best in their future adventures in Utah and wherever your career and love carries you after that. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. McAdams.




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