Sam Hurds Epic Indy Workshop

If you're here, you know who The Powerful Washington DC Wedding Photographer Sam Hurd is and need no introduction. He is a pioneer when it comes to capture techniques. His use of... stuff that he puts in front of his lens has yielded fantastic results. From Prism's (you know think Pink Floyds Dark Side of the Moon cover) to Convex and anamorphic lenses to purposely breaking other lenses to achieve a new look, his techniques are unique and innovative to say the least.  

If you break it down to its most basic, Sam's workshops are nothing more than an artist being completely transparent about how he sees the world. After the first 5 mins you will know that he is one of the most passionate wedding photographers out there and truly loves every second of shooting weddings. He has such a great outlook and loves when the day throws challenges his way.  

Sam went over everything you could imagine in his workshop from his style, how he shoots, why he loves live view, his workflow, his album building process, his client contact, pricing, flash photography, Photoshop and Lightroom work, AND he some how fits an Engagement session with a real couple in the middle who also happened to be super talented photographers (Hi Sarah, hi Shane!). He doesn't waste your time with the exposure triangle or what an f-stop is and how it affects the final photo. This workshop is for knowledgeable photographers who want to walk away with substance, not fluff. 

Sam, if you're reading this. Thank you. Honestly. I appreciate your genuine want to help other photographers and their business succeed. Come back to Indianapolis soon!