Making The Leap to Full Time Photographer and my Wedding Photography Podcast Interview

Being a Wedding Photographer sometimes is not as glamorous as it sounds. Believe it or not I don't shoot 365 weddings a year (nor would I want to). When Im not shooting weddings, Im at home putting in the same hours at home as I would at my old desk job, trying to find couples, learning new photographic techniques, and trying to figure out how to run a business. 


A little over a year ago I decided to look for some help on the business side of things and found the PhotoBizX Podcast with host and wedding photographer Andrew Hellmich. It was exactly what I was looking for! Andrew interviews world famous photographers like Ryan Brenizer, Jonas Peterson, and Yervant about their business and how they keep them running so successfully! It was so refreshing to find someone like Andrew who asked the right questions and didn't just ask about their photography techniques that can be found a trillion and one places all over the internet. He asks where their clients are finding them, how they handle the work/life balance, and even asks them how much they make! 


I gobbled up every bit of info that came threw my ears. Quickly I found that implementing some aspects of their business or practices into mine was yielding results! From SEO tips, to Marketing, Caring for your couples, and even things writing a solid "About me" for your website. 

I reached out to Andrew to thank him and tell him about the growth and success in my business as well as my plans to quit my full time day job to go full time wedding photographer. Quickly Andrew replied to my email with excitement and asked me to come on his show as a guest! My heart dropped. How am I going to stack up against his other world class wedding photographer guests? What do I have to share that has not already been shared before? I reluctantly said yes. 

A few weeks later I answered the call I had been nervous about since the initial email and almost immediately Andrew made me feel so comfortable, it turned into a conversation and less of a formal interview. I spilled my guts and answered things I didnt think I would, or was scared too share but after listening to the final podcast Im so glad I didnt hold anything back. Ive received a lot of emails and facebook messages from people who listened to the podcast. All of them so happy I shared as much as I did. All of them ready to make the leap to full time wedding photographer, or sports photographer, or even pet photographer. All of them had a take away of something they planed to implement into their business. 

I cant thank Andrew and all the PhotoBizX listeners enough. It felt amazing to get things off my chest and even better to hear that others feel the same way and are experiencing the same thing as I am. I want to help other photographers with their business. I want to hear what it is you struggle with most. I want to help you find an answer! 

You can listen to the half hour free podcast by clicking on my face below! Or you can sign up for a premium membership and hear the whole interview over an hour long for just $1 here