Making SEO Simple for Photographers

Making SEO Simple for Photographers

If you're a wedding photographer, I'd be willing to bet you want to make it to the first page of Google when anyone searches "Your City Wedding Photographer" right? The key to getting Google to recognize who you are and what you do is called SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and its just that OPTIMIZATION. 

You need to know what that means. Whats the difference between an athlete and an olympic athlete? The Olympic athlete was once an traditional athlete who then optimized their body's or their training to squeeze out every last ounce of power and greatness! This is exactly the same. You need to have a strong website. You can't have a blank page that hasn't been touched in 2 years and expect to be on the front page of Google because you plugged in some magic SEO. You need to know how a website works, it needs to be strong already. The SEO advice is to help squeeze out every last ounce of of power and greatness in your website. 

NOTE: I AM IN NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM AN SEO EXPERT! I've done a lot of things SEO experts would say is wrong but the things below have been the most help to boosting me up the ranks. 

I have broken down my method down into 3 KEY OBJECTIVES!

  1. Let google know what you do 

  2. Let google know you’re in it for the long haul

  3. Get people to spend as much time on your website as possible

If you do these three things Google will have no choice but tell that you are a power player in the Wedding Photography game and will boost you higher in the search results. 

1. Let Google know what you do

Sounds easy enough right? When starting out I think this is the hardest part. You need to be clear without being fake. So for example saying "Austin Wedding Photographer does Austin Wedding Photography at a Wedding in Austin Texas" Sounds INCREDIBLY fake. And guess what, google can see right through you and your nonsense. Say something like "Wedding Photography for COUPLES NAME's Austin wedding at VENUE NAME" When you read it, you can imagine it came from a persons mouth. Google appreciates that. They hate forceful-ness. 

Adding unique file names to the photos you upload gives you another opportunity to tell google what you do. Im guessing most of your photos are called "COUPLESNAME-15-08-25-0001.jpg" Right? Thats fine for storage but when you go to upload the photos to your website change it to "Couple-kissing-Venue-name.jpg" That tells google that because there is a couple kissing you might be a wedding photographer and because of the venue name it can get an idea of where you are located. 

So just treat Google like your blind friend.

2. Let Google know you're in it for the long haul

Update more consistently vs more often. 

This is why blogging is so important. Its a way of creating more content that google will get a better idea of who you are, and what you do. Come up with a game plan when it comes to blogging Heidi’s 5 step guide to attracting ideal clients with your blog is fantastic! 

In the past I was just updating whenever I had new content, so in the winter I was basically a ghost. If you come up with a game plan to blog once every other week it will show google you are consistent, AND thats only 26 blogs a year max! 

It may seem like a lot but lets say you have a conservative 15 weddings a year, blog everyone of them, lets say a 3rd have engagements… thats 5 more blogs, you can create a blogs in the winter about your favorite dresses, The best ways to add production value to your wedding, why lighting is so important at different times of the day, the 5 ways couples can save time on their wedding day so they can get back to partying, and then a blog post about some venues your either love to shoot at or a bucket list of venues you want to shoot at. There is 26 blogs for you to post consistently throughout the year to keep your audience engaged and at the top of their mind! 

3. Get People to spend as much time on your website as possible

This has been the easiest, most fun, and the most rewarding. MAKE VIDEOS to post them in a blog. I know what you're thinking... But Raymond...I'm scared to get in front of the camera! Well no worries! I use Animoto to deliver pure gold to my couples. You have heard me talk alllllll about Animoto in my "Guide to Animoto for Wedding Photographers"Animoto creates a slideshow with your photos and sets them to a theme and music to provide an amazing video your couples wont be able to help but share with everyone they know. Simply upload your video created by Animoto to your youtube channel and then embed it on your website as a new blog. Post the blog on your Facebook, and you just got a ton of traffic that will be hanging out on your website for a few minutes. And we all know time is money right?? 

PRO TIP: If you create a slideshow blog with every one of your weddings or engagements, you have DOUBLE the blog posts!!  

So in short, start acting like a human. Im guessing you have been a human before so it should be pretty easy for you. You're not going to outsmart Google when it comes to ranking higher, and if you could, well Wedding Photography might be the wrong industry for you. If you have any questions I would love to hear them and help you out and watch you succeed! What are some of your favorite SEO tips? Leave a comment and let me know!