Jessica and Kyle Mounds State Park Fall Engagement

It's really starting to cool off in the midwest and this was the perfect weekend to shoot an awesome set of engagement photos with a Fall flare. Kyle and Jessica are getting married in early December (so close, right?) and I was so excited when they came to me just a few weeks ago and inquired about me capturing their big day. These two are a riot. Two people with different personalities that mesh so well together.

I met them out at Starbucks where we worked out the details of the wedding day, signed contracts, and chatted a little over some coffee. I learned that Jessica is a go-getter who has a vision for this wedding and she will make sure it all goes as planned. Kyle is a more laid back 'go with the flow' kind of guy, but they both brought out the best qualities in each other. They both have careers in the medical field, so a little bit of both qualities work out in their favor.

The leaves on the trees looked like they were seconds from falling off. The colors were so rich and inviting. It was a little chilly out that day and I found myself wishing I had brought a jacket, but once we started moving it was perfect. Kyle and Jessica were awesome to work with. They were troopers when it came to posing and patient when we had to wait for passerby's to walk through. Patience is a good quality to have in a marriage, so it seems as if they are starting off on the right foot.

The picture above is one of my favorite ones that I took in this session. They both look so natural and their happiness radiates from it. It's such a compliment that these two chose me to be their photographer because they have seen my work and enjoy it. I do what I do because I love it, but knowing that there are people who long for the art and style of my photos is the biggest compliment I could ever receive. I can't wait to shoot the wedding of this couple in just a couple short months. It will be my first Indiana Winter wedding, but I'm sure the love in that church will keep us all warm.

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