Jessica and Amos' Coffee shop Engagement Photos

I shoot a lot of my engagements outside. I love it. Spending time in nature is one of my favorite things. There is always something new to see and the air feels fantastic in your lungs. With still not officially over its been tough getting outside for a too long before everyone fingers just fall off from the cold.


Last time I checked its hard to put a wedding ring on when you have no fingers. When Jessica and Amos said that they wanted to have some coffee shop engagements I got a big stupid grin on my face. The kind you get when you get super excited about something new and want the whole world to know. 


I immediately reached out to Skye at Mugs Coffee and Tea in Anderson who was more than happy to let us spend some time in her shop taking some photos. The staff was super friendly and when I told them I had no idea what kind of coffee I wanted, they were more than happy to make some fantastic suggestions.


After we warmed up inside for a bit we decided to take a stroll downtown Anderson. It was still pretty cold out so we were all bundled up. Jessica and Amos were great sports with the cold pre spring weather and were great just to spend the afternoon with. I'm looking forward to their wedding this May!


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