Chrissy & Kyle's Extreme Skyzone Dodgeball Engagements!

There are some serious perks to being a Wedding Photographer. For starters, I wake up every morning with genuine excitement to get up and do what I love (which makes the annoying buzz of the alarm clock not so bad!). Secondly, I get free cake on the regular and I'm not talking about your run of the mill grocery store cake; I'm talking about gourmet cake.  Thousand dollar cake.  My job involves eating thousand dollar cake. How does it get better than this? And finally, I get to do stuff like this. Whether it be extravagant, backwoodsy, thrilling, sporty, all lovey-dovey, or completely ordinary- my career takes me to some of the most beautiful places with some of the most unique and down-to-earth people I've ever met. 


Chrissy and Kyle have been pegged  as the aforementioned "thrilling, sporty" couple. I always try to dig into my couples and find out how we can showcase their true personalities in an engagement shoot. This not only ends with photos that are meaningful and one of a kind, but it produces photos with genuine emotion rather than that awkward show that everyone feels they have to put on for a camera.  Chrissy and Kyle had told me they were an active and adventurous  couple so I assumed their engagement shoot may land us on a hike or  something, but brainstorming a little bit carried us to a high stakes game of aerial dodgeball! This was something I'd never done before, but boy did it fit them perfectly!


I had never been to  Sky Zone in Fishers Indiana but I'm telling you that it won't be the last time I go. The staff was so friendly and genuinely happy to help us.  It could've had something to do with the fact that I brought in a dozen donuts but I think that it was out of the kindness of their hearts. Walking through the doors of this place rewinds your life by 20 years. It's like that 10-year-old way too hyper child's (me) heaven.


This was such a fun shoot. The best part about it was that even when I posed these two, it never felt forced. There was always some feeling of comfort and everything else just came naturally. I could tell that Chrissy and Kyle were in their element here. And call me insensitive, but I was having a blast watching them blast each other with dodgeballs. I can't wait to see what kind of shenanigans these two have up their sleeves for their July wedding. Knowing them, it'll be anything but ordinary. I'm always up for a challenge and I can't wait to be there for it. (As long as there's cake.) 


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