5 Reasons Why An Adventure Engagement Session Is Right For You!

 Jalil & Byrnn Brown
Lucas Oil Stadium 
Indianapolis Indiana

You're an adventurous couple of course but when was the last time you and your fiancé went deep into the woods with a vintage arm chair, a 24 karat gold candelabrum, and an assortment of fresh Parisian Pastries? Wait, did you say NEVER?! So why would you want to do something so unauthentic for your engagement photos?

What is the difference between an adventure engagement session and a traditional one? I'm sure you have seen engagement photos on Facebook where your friends look stiff or in unnatural poses that they never would be in unless someone was taking their photo. Thats it. It doesn't look fun and its not memorable. An adventure engagement session is different. We're not going to hunt for hidden treasure or get in a high speed pursuit after robbing a bank because thats a felony but I believe that when you try to live life to the fullest everyday is an adventure so an adventure engagement session is anything that fulfills you! Love going to antique markets together on the weekend? Love trying new things like indoor trampoline dodgeball? Love to check out new breweries around Indianapolis? These are the things you will remember as you grow older together. So lets focus on that. 


I have one objective as your wedding photographer: I want you to look back at your engagement photos in 10 years and think "This is us. This is who we are." I don't want you to think, "Remember how hard it was to drag that damn birdcage and the rest of the picnic supplies into the woods for that one photo?" I want to showcase this time in your lives when you are most carefree and adventurous. Here are the 5 reasons why an adventurous engagement session might be right for you!


1. Work Hard Play Harder. You two work hard and when you get a moment together you want to enjoy yourselves to the fullest! You get some free time with each other and you want to spend it doing something awesome. Just let me snap a few photos of it and we've killed two birds with one stone!

2. It's Who You Are. Being genuine and true to yourself is extremely important to you both. Your engagement photos should directly reflect that.

3. They're Fun! Who wouldn't want to spend a beautiful afternoon with their fiancé trying out new beers or walking around one of the amazing state parks in or around Indy.

4. They Are Unique To You. How many rock climbing or kayaking engagement sessions have you seen? Your photos will stand out as much as you two do!

5. You Won't Look Stiff. Most couples have never taken professional photos together and are worried they will feel uncomfortable and look stiff. When you're doing something fun together you're naturally smiling and your comfort will ease the tension. You'll be in your element and your photos will reflect that.

BONUS: You'll Make A Friend: When it comes to your wedding day there is a good chance you will spend more time with your photographer than the person you will marry! Spending time together during your engagements will ensure your personalities match will make your wedding day so much more stress free!

Does an adventurous engagement session around Indianapolis sound like fun to you? Email me below to schedule yours!