5 Ways to Save Money Planning Your Own Wedding

 Planning a wedding is expensive! Anyone who says otherwise is a liar and a jerk. From your invitations to your wedding favors; there are a lot of places to save some serious cash. The beauty of a wedding really is in the details, but like everything, there is a point of diminishing return. Sure, having hand shaken cocktails waiting for each guest after you two say I DO is a great touch and greatly appreciated by all, but is the premium cost over a cash bar really worth it? Your wallet may not think so. It all comes down to planning a wedding that will match the style of you and your groom. If you are the type of couple who love the outdoors and dont mind getting messy as long as you two are having fun together, plan a wedding around that. Embrace who you really are and the genuine simplicity will save you money; I promise. This list is full of things that guests never notice anyway, and cutting them out will save you heaps of cash that can be spent on endless fruity drinks during your honeymoon!

We sat down with 2 of Indianapolis's best wedding planners for their favorite tips to save you money! The amazingly energetic Jessica Dum of JessicaDum.com and the truly lovely Sarah Cooper of CooperEvents.com were so fantastic and more than happy to share some of their best tips for you! 

1. Don't ditch the fresh flowers, just cut back! Indianapolis wedding coordinator, Jessica Dum said one of the easiest ways to cut down on cost is to cut down on the amount of fresh flowers you get. Instead of having a full flower arrangement on every table turn to Pinterest to find an easy center piece you two could make and then incorporate just a few flowers into it. It will save you money making your own, and you wont lose the beauty and elegance of fresh flowers!

2. Make home made wedding favors. Indianapolis wedding and event coordinator Sarah Cooper said a great way to save money AND make your guests feel more loved is to make home made wedding favors. It could be as east as home made cookies wrapped up with a one of your engagement photos tied to it or even home made jam with a bow of your wedding colors. It's a unique and special way of telling your guests thank you for being a part of you and your new husbands special day. Bonus: You could ask a friend or family member to help- which will leave one less thing for you to have to think about!

3. Cocktail hour. While you and your new hubby are taking pictures (with your amazing photographer, Wink Wink)  your guests are enjoying strong cocktails and delicious appetizers... right before they sit down for dinner? The cocktail hour, on average, is half the price of your guests meal and guests rarely expect it. Instead, think about ditching it altogether and hiring a bartender to run a cash bar while your guests patiently await your grand entrance! 

4. Why spend money on something that 96% of your guests will just throw away? When you get a birthday card you get super excited right? The problem is that no matter how much you love it, you read it and then you just toss it in the trash. The same goes for your wedding invitations! Your guests will open them, add the date to their calendar and then literally throw away the money you just spent on them. Why not save money with less expensive invites? There are so many great places online who will make custom rubber stamps for cheap. Stamped on some nice paper, it will really look great and home made because, well it is home made! Send them in envelopes that match your wedding colors to tie it all together. You and your Fiance spend a night in with some wine and stamp out all of your invites. Turn it into a date night! 

5. Cut back on the guests and everything else will get cheaper! From the amount of invites you send out (stamps are not getting cheaper, people), the number of Chicken Cordon Bleu and Garlic mashed potatoes you need prepared (is anyone else's mouth watering?), the size of your venue, and even the amount of chairs and tables you need to rent; the number of guests is the biggest contributor of additional costs when it comes to planning a wedding. Some people have large families and it is hard to cut back on the guests, but do you think your third cousin twice removed who you haven't seen since you each were 12 is really going to be upset they don't get an invite? Probably not.

At the end of your wedding day, people aren't going to talk about how much they wished there were hors d'oeurvres. Your guests will remember the little touches that made your wedding yours. They will remember your heartfelt vows and the way he looked at your during your first dance. A marriage is long term while your wedding will only be one day and no one wants to start a marriage off in debt. By implementing these five quick tips you and your fiancé can plan an affordable and unique wedding so you and your husband can splurge on some tropical parasailing!