5 Secrets Every Bride say They Wish They Had Done on their Wedding Day!

1. They wish they would have spend the money on help instead of doing it all themselves

        -Planners arnt as expensive as you think. 

         -The most stressful planning period? The week before the big day. That's when handfuls of unforeseen details arise, leaving some brides sorting out spreadsheets instead of connecting with friends and family. Avoid this by hiring a "week of" or even "day of" planner. He or she will handle last-minute vendor meetings and put out fires so you don't have to. If budget is a concern, some planners even offer hourly services.

2. They Wish They would have done a first look to have more time to enjoy the reception

       -Wedding day goes by fast, spend more time with family and friends

3.They forget to eat

   - With how busy you are greeting everyone at the reception 

    Too many brides forget to feed themselves and the bridal party on the wedding day. It's important to pre-arrange more than just nibbles for your entire crew — especially if you aren't primping in your own home. You'll want enough sustenance so you're not feeling light-headed or faint during the ceremony.

4.They have too many guests

            -Guests = more money and less time with your closest family and friends. It becomes less intimate. 

5.They didnt spend 15 mins to send their photographer a list of family members they want photos with

              -Your photographer will have you covered with photos of the wedding party but sometimes family travels far and wide and will never be all together again. Often times you will use photos from your wedding to share when celebrating monthers day or if a grandparent passes away. But your photographer has no idea who the important members of your family are, so be sure to spend 15 mins to create a shot list for you photographer