Samantha and Jesse's Valle Vista Golf Course Wedding

I love every wedding I'm asked to shoot. There is something about being asked to be the one person trusted to not just capture this once in a lifetime event on a digital cameras sensor but to take it a step further and bring life to the images I capture so that anyone 20 years down the road looking at the wedding images will be immediately taken back to that moment. The expressions and personal connections, the moody lighting, the details that people don't realize were so important to the bride to have with her on her wedding day.


When I first met Samantha and Jesse I knew their wedding would be everything I love about shooting weddings, would be. Meticulously handpicked and groomed gorgeous flowers. Valle Vista Golf Course a venue known equally as much for their weddings and their hospitality as they are for their pristine golf course where anyone would bend over backwards to make sure anything and everything was just perfect. Amazingly close friends and impossibly close family.

During the chaos that naturally accompanies weddings, Jesse had told me he had a surprise gift for Samantha that he wanted to make sure I captured it but he couldn't find his sister to help him out. I told him before they walked down the aisle I would set something up to make it special. I found a room that wasn't being used and asked Samantha to wait inside behind the door, then I gave Jesse the go ahead  to stand on the other side of the door so they could share a moment away from the rest of the wedding guest, and they decided to write each notes. The love for each other on their faces was my favorite moment of the whole wedding. 

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