Katie & Kyle Rhodes Northern Illinois Country club wedding

A little over a year ago is when Katie and Kyle first reached out to me about shooting their wedding. From the first email I was greeted with such happiness and open arms that I felt as if I was reading an email from a family member and not a a complete stranger. 


For the next 12 months I think I received over 300 emails. I knew immediately that this was a bride who knew the importance of doing her research and being prepared. From sending me photos of her and her bridesmaids dresses to make sure I would be able to match the colors because their iPhones made the dresses look bland to sending me other wedding photos that she likes for inspiration; Katie really made my life as easy as she possibly could. 

I first met Katie and Kyle when we got together for their engagement photos. You can read about how I got a flat tire and made quite an embarrassing first impression here. Both Katie and Kyle laughed it off and we ended up making engagement photo gold!

The day of the wedding came and my wife/second shooter, Stormi, and I were up early and ready for everything the day would bring our way. When we arrived, Katie and her bridesmaids were already deep in conversation and hairspray. She greeted us immediately and in true Katie fashion, made us feel welcomed and at home. 

She gave us a tour of the church and explained that it was her childhood church that she grew up in and the same one where her parents got married many years before. That is probably what I love most about this couple; the fact that no matter how overwhelming a wedding day can be, they kept true to their values.

After they tied the knot, they were sent off outside the church where they burned rubber as they took off in their Mustang as Kyle and Katie Rhodes. They really tied their character into this day which made for a wedding that was as unique as they are.


I am so grateful to have been able to work for this couple. Katie always kept calm and if there was an ounce of nerves in her body, she didn't let anyone see them. They made me feel more like a guest than a vendor on their wedding day and for that, I am so appreciative. It was awesome seeing this couple grow in the last year that I've known them and a true honor to watch her take his name. Congratulations Katie and Kyle! I wish you many, many years of happiness.

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